Modern life cannot be imagined without betting, or rather, without betting on sports, especially football matches, events, individual players, and entire teams. Sports gambling has existed for more than a decade, not only complementing the sports industry but also making it the most powerful part of it, uniting millions of fans around the world. The reason is simplicity and affordability, as well as the least dependence on the will of chance. After all, here the competition takes place not between a person and a roulette wheel or an arbitrary choice of cards, but between two people – a gambler and a bookmaker. Only your knowledge and intuition will help you make the right bet on a match or calculate a forecast for a number of sporting events.

What to look for when choosing a bet?

There are a lot of options. But it is still worth learning the main stakes on events and their terminology. So it will be easier for you to make correct and verified predictions in the future.

  • Match result: the victory of one of the teams or a draw.
  • Double outcome: the result of a match that does not count as a draw.
  • Total goals scored. The bet can be both for the whole game and individual. The usual notation for totals is TB 2 (more than two goals will be scored in the match). But there may be fractional TB 2.5 (more than three goals will be scored in the match). In the case of individual totals, stakes are accepted on one of the teams according to the same principle.
  • Handicap is the result of a match with a head start on one of the teams. It is a value added to the result of one of the teams or an athlete over a certain playing interval. There are plus and minus handicaps according to the sign.
  • Express. Such sports gambling contains two or more sports events.

How to beat a bookmaker?

To make a profit on gambling, it is recommended to follow several principles:

  • The bookmaker expects you to lose a large amount in the hope of winning back. Therefore, be sure to divide the entire bankroll into equal shares to use them to lose or win;
  • When creating an account in a bookmaker’s office, it is better not to use the entire deposit exclusively for football matches. 
  • Study the matches statistics and focus exclusively on statistics and algorithms, not on personal preferences;

Broadcasts of matches are available online, so pay attention to them to study the behavior of “players”. Cappers recommend starting to bet from the middle of the season when the leaders and outsiders are already standing out. Coincidence can also play a role: sometimes outspoken outsiders win.