There are a number of situations in which gambling on passed balls is a more appropriate choice than classic results. The main cases when it is advisable to make such football stakes are:

  • If there is no clear favorite in the match. It is a common situation when football teams are absolutely equal, and neither has a clear advantage. In this case, such betting among bookmakers can be a great solution.
  • If one or both teams show scoring series. When football teams have an excellent attack that scores in several matches in a row, it makes sense to look for a continuation of the series.
  • When two teams of the same style meet. It already depends on the style of the opponents. For example, if both teams show bright, sparkling football, you should expect a great number of successful shots. 
  • If there is a clear trend towards goals over time. For example, one of the sides always starts with a starting assault and gets many successful shots in the first 15 minutes – it is worth noting this trend.

Also, when choosing bets on scored balls, you need to pay attention to the championship. In different championships and different leagues, there is a tendency to one or another style of football. For example, in England teams show great results, and in France football is less productive.

What are the main bets on goals?

Bookmakers offer a huge number of various schemes in such kind of football gambling. But there are several main types: 

  • Total. Total is a gamble on the overall quantity of successful shots in a match. 
  • Individual total. Stakes on the individual total work similarly to the standard total, but with one difference. This takes into account the number of scored balls of only one team.
  • Bets on the number of goals. It means that you should forecast the overall quantity of the balls passed from one or both teams
  • An exact number of goals. This scheme implies a specific figure. For example, if you bet that 3 scored balls will be gained in the game, the stake will only play if strictly 3 balls are scored (outcome 3:0 or 2:1). With any other result, you lose. However, it is difficult to guess such a probability, so bookmakers offer so-called intervals.

There can be many options for gambling on scored balls in the bookmaker’s line, and each of them has its own characteristics. The secret of success in such pairs is to notice a productive or ineffective trend, and then you will be able to collect even successful express stakes, not only ordinary ones.