Chelsea boss Antonio Conte insists he has little say on transfer policy.

Yesterday, Conte insisted he could only recommend targets and then it was up to the club to deliver.

He said, “In every team, the coach speaks to his club. We can have an idea but you can have an idea in summer. But the final decision is always the club’s.

“That will be the same in January. It is right to do this, I’m only the coach and not sporting director or manager.

“I don’t know what will happen in January. January now is far. In December we have to play a lot of games. In January it’s the same. I don’t know, I don’t know because in January you have to wait the right time to adapt them [new players] in our idea of football.

“Now we have to face this solution with these players. We have to be ready to fight. We have to be ready to face this situation with the right desire.

“I don’t like to look too far, or to find solutions that at this moment are not possible.

“Last season we faced the season with 13 players, 13 players played regularly. This season we tried to add two or three players to be 16 or 17 to try to face every competition.

“I have to be realistic, we have to face this situation with these players. I’m happy to play with these players. January is too far and I don’t know what will happen on January.

“I’m the coach, I can give my opinion, but the club has to take the best decision in the summer, in January, next summer.

“It’s normal, this.”