Chelsea boss Antonio Conte insists he didn’t miss much after being sent off in victory over Swansea City.

Conte was sent off before halftime for the 1-0 win. The winner coming from Toni Rudiger.

The Italian said: “We have the tactical camera in the changing room, so I watched the game very well, but I don’t like it!

“I suffered in the same way in the changing room. To watch the game on the video and not have the possibility to communicate with your players is very strange and very tough for me.

“Today we created many chances, but we didn’t give any chances to concede a goal, so another clean sheet.

“In this type of game, if you don’t score early, you must have a lot of patience to try the best way to score, and at the same time you must pay great attention to the counter-attack.

“You can have a lot of desire to win and attack with all the players, and sometimes you can lose your balance. My players never lost their balance. They played an intelligent game, good win. We must be very good to win this type of game.

“Now we are improving. We are trying another system of play. I have the possibility to alternate these two systems. These are good options for me.”