Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp insists Chelsea‘s defensive tactics on Saturday can be seen as a compliment.

In the aftermath of the 1-1 draw, Klopp complained about facing “eight defenders”.

However, today he was more positive: “Chelsea are an unbelievably difficult team to play and we played them in a manner that is completely different from the last two years. We won there but it was completely different, we dominated them.

“They came here and gave us the ball and said ‘come on, try something!’ And we were there and did it, so that’s fantastic. But at the end, you have to win. We didn’t but I still feel that we are on a good way, and that’s what have to show again and again and again.

“At least from now until the end of January, it is a decisive period of the season. We have to be 100 per cent spot on, but my feeling is that we are.”

Klopp also spoke of QPR boss Ian Holloway’s criticism of fans leaving before the final whistle.

“It can make all the difference,” he said. “That is how it is.

“We felt it a week ago in Seville. I am pretty sure in an empty stadium or at Anfield, we are 3-0 up and I don’t think it happens like it did. The German derby, Schalke at Dortmund, showed you it in another way!

“It’s much more difficult. Football only really works, in my understanding, when we all play together, when we all work together. That involves the crowd, 100%.

“We do it only because people are interested, and when they leave it feels strange. The players stand in a stadium and think ‘oh, they’ve gone home!’ But what do you do? You feel it.

“You can imagine if you work in television. If you have a crowd around you or you are alone in a studio, it’s a big difference.

“That’s how it is for us. We can perform better when the atmosphere is there. I am happy I’m not the only person on this planet that sees it like it is!”