Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has called on the board to ask him about a January shopping list.

Quizzed on what he would say if owner Roman Abramovich asked him what he would want to help him try to reel in Manchester City, Conte was keeping names close to his chest.

“It is better if, once, my club ask me what I need to catch them up, and then I will answer but in a private way.

“If, one day, the club try to ask me something about this topic, I can give my opinion — but at the same time I am very happy to work for this club with these players.

“The club knows very well we are trying to build something important for the present and for the future.

“We started to build something from the last season. Last season we were so good to win at the same time too but don’t forget we are building and the club knows very well what is our situation at the moment.”