Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois says Liverpool were fortunate they faced them after a tough trip to Azerbaijan last week.

Chelsea drew 1-1 at Liverpool on Saturday.

“Obviously now we go from one game to another, last season we had more time to prepare which was good, but everybody wants to play in the Champions League because it’s the best level you can play at,” he explained.

“It was a bit unfortunate we had the Man City game after a big match against Atletico. Okay, City are in great form but I think if we’d had the extra day’s rest and played on the Sunday, like we did against United, you would have seen a different game.

“We’ve had three big games after Champions League matches, we drew one, won one and lost one, so I don’t think it has an influence. But I agree with the manager, going from Azerbaijan on Wednesday, arriving home at 6am and then having to play a big game at Liverpool, it’s not the best planning from the Premier League. But that’s what we’re supposed to do, we tried to make the best of it and we proved we felt good. We tried to show a great mentality to win.”