Chelsea captain Gary Cahill defended the club over the departure of Mohamed Salah ahead of a reunion at Liverpool tomorrow.

Cahill, who was at Stamford Bridge throughout Salah’s brief stay, believes a number of factors played a part.

The Chelsea captain told the London Evening Standard: “He found chances limited here but that’s football. You need time to play, you need confidence.

“Speaking from experience, you’re coming into a quality dressing room and it is a very difficult club to break into, to stay here, maintaining a position season after season.

“The competition is always there. Chelsea buy players so you’re always under threat. The club make the decisions and that’s that. But players make the decision, too. If they’re not getting enough game time, they look to leave.

“Sometimes it’s difficult if someone wants to play all the time and doesn’t, what do you do in that situation? I saw the ability Salah had because I trained with him a lot.

Chelsea fans didn’t see him as much as we would have hoped to. He has grown into a very good player. But many other players have been released by Chelsea and haven’t gone on.”