Chelsea boss Antonio Conte wants England coach Gareth Southgate to contact him about the fitness of his players.

Conte is unhappy that Southgate revealed Danny Drinkwater rejected a late call to be involved in England’s recent games against Germany and Brazil.

Conte, who also has England defender Gary Cahill in his Chelsea squad, said: “It’s a pity that a player had to pay for this misunderstanding.

“Sometimes there is a way, which is very easy, to try to call the coach before and to ask ‘is it ok, I can do this? Is this player good or does he have a problem? Is he tired or not?’

“I am telling you this because I was coach for the national team. In this way you can avoid a misunderstanding because about Drinkwater it was a misunderstanding. He was injured and also he wasn’t really 100 per cent fit to go with the national team.

“If someone asks me I can explain and if the coach wants to take the same decision it is ok, but it is important to have more relationship between the coach and the coach of the national team.

“It was the same for us with Eden Hazard (in late August when he was returning to fitness from a fractured ankle). Then I spoke with (Belgium coach) Roberto Martinez, I said yes and then he played.

“I am ready to help every single national team coach because I had this fantastic experience and I understand very well the problems. I am more open than before when I was the coach of Juventus but sometimes there isn’t the communication.

“Drinkwater was very honest and he doesn’t deserve to be attacked from the press or the people because he was very honest.

“In this situation every single player wants to go with the national and we have to appreciate his behaviour and commitment.”