Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino has taken aim at England coach Steve Holland.

Pochettino admits the grudge holds over from Holland’s time with Chelsea.

Writing in his new book, ‘Brave New World’, Pochettino refers to Holland when recalling their infamous 2-2 draw at Chelsea which ended their title hopes in 2015/16.

The Argentine reveals: “Chelsea have an assistant who also works for the international team.

“He should set an example. He certainly did no such thing that day. The way he looked at us as they piled on the pressure, or the way he came over to our bench to celebrate Chelsea‘s goals was not right, unnecessary.

“When I saw that assistant soon after at our training ground, which the national team was using, I made my feelings very clear to him.

“Given England’s financial muscle, it doesn’t make sense for it not to have its own coaching staff and use club coaches instead. It was something that drove Nicola Cortese (former Southampton executive chairman) up the wall.”