Chelsea legend Frank Lampard hailed their matchwinner Eden Hazard after victory at Bournemouth.

Hazard scored the only goal of the game at Dean Court.

Asked if he missed playing with Hazard, Lampard explained: “Without a doubt. From the moment he came to Chelsea his talent was on show in training, in games.

“He’s developed as a player. I spoke before about him being so pivotal.

“He came quite fresh, quite young. Now he’s at that point of his career when he has to be the dominant player in that Chelsea team and make things happen, and he’s doing it.

“We’re talking about the top teams trying to stay with the Man Citys, who are flying. You need your best players.

“[Alvaro] Morata had those chances that don’t quite go, then you need the next one to step up and it’s Eden Hazard.”

Asked if Hazard is Chelsea‘s most important player, Lampard added: “He’s just a great talent. And I agree, he does remain that [Chelsea‘s most important player].

“For a club like Chelsea, it can’t be reliant on one player for sure. And I don’t wanna talk down Pedro, Willian who had fantastic seasons last year. A lot of players in that team are responsible for what Chelsea have done in the last season.

“I think again, I keep harping back to it but, for moments of magic, for little clips of skill we had today, the Bournemouth players were very scared to get near to Eden Hazard today. They knew he had just enough to get away from them and he won the game for Chelsea.”