Alvaro Morata insists he is so happy at Chelsea, he is prepared to stay for another 10 years.

Morata worried Chelsea supporters earlier today by giving an interview to an Italian newspaper where he seemed to suggest he already regrets moving to London.

Diego Costa never settled in the capital after joining in 2014 and ended up demanding a return to Atletico Madrid in September.

But Morata, who has scored seven goals since joining from Real Madrid for £58million and signing a five-year contract in July, is fully committed to the club and is not thinking about a switch back to the country of his birth Spain.

He said: “I want to say that we had a problem of understanding in this interview. If Chelsea proposed me 10 years I’d probably sign that too.

“I’m happy with this club, in this city, with everything in London. I really like London and, probably, if I make good and improve, probably I can stay here more than five years. But I need to score many goals otherwise Chelsea will buy another player. It’s normal.

“I want to say, probably in the future when I finish in my career, I won’t live in London. But now, at the moment, I’m very happy in London and enjoy living in London with my wife.

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“Probably in the future, when I need to bring my child to the school and take up a school, when I finish my career, I’d prefer to come back to my country. It’s normal. For me, I prefer the place I was born.

“But now I’m very happy. When I say it’s a special city, I’m only talking about the traffic and that there are a lot of people. But it’s an incredible city with many religions and many kinds of different people, so I really enjoy London.”

The 24-year-old began life at Stamford Bridge in fine form, but hasn’t scored since suffering a hamstring injury against Manchester City a month ago.

He added: “Honestly, now I’m 100 per cent fit. Probably in the last few games, I’ve not been in the best physical form, but now I’m better. It’s hard.

“It’s a little injury, but I stopped for 20 days when finally I had the good condition. I need to come back to full fitness, that’s all.”

Chelsea take on Roma in the Stadio Olimpico in the Champions League tomorrow night and the former Juventus striker is looking to end his goal drought against them.

He said: “Against Roma I’ve never scored before. We’ll try to do that tomorrow. I didn’t play many games against them… five? But, completely, perhaps one or two. But tomorrow I’ll try to score.”

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