Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has dismissed talk of being replaced by Carlo Ancelotti.

On Friday, Conte made it clear how angry he was with the rumours.

He declared: “I think around us there is a lot of bulls**t. If I see the past it happened the same with a lot of managers. A lot of bulls**t.

“They try to create problems between me, the club and the players. If someone is happy to continue to write this I think I answered very well in the past. I am answering very well about these different issues.

“I think this is a lack of respect. I can accept [if you] write that the club is ready to sack me, the story with the players [being unhappy].

“I don’t care what the newspaper write about my future or the other person because this is our job. Carlo is my friend I have great respect for him and he was my coach in Juventus but he was sacked in the past…he knows very well the club.”