Chelsea boss Antonio Conte is adamant his job is not under threat.

Conte insists his position is different to past managers, hinting he has received assurances from the higher ups.

“I am not like the previous managers. I am different,” he said. “It is important to understand this. The club has to judge the work and honestly, I don’t have this type of worry, about if I lose the game, if the club decides to sack me.

“Why am I different? Only because in the past, the club decided after two losses or three bad games to sack a manager. I don’t think it is the same for every manager.

“You change the person, change the work. I repeat. If you ask if I feel this type of pressure about the club, it is zero.

“Honestly. I am not worried. I am very honest. Anyone who knows me well knows this is the last thought in my mind. My last worry.

“I trust in my work. I give all myself with my work and with my players. I don’t feel this type of pressure. I repeat. I feel the pressure to give a certain satisfaction to my players, to give satisfaction to my fans and to give satisfaction to the club.

“This is the type of pressure. But as for the other pressure I do not feel.”