Chelsea legend Frank Lampard has warned Manchester United‘s fringe players they need to be ruthless to win over manager Jose Mourinho.

Lampard, insists that Mourinho wants to see single-mindedness from his players but he can put an arm around a shoulder if it is needed.

Lampard said of Mourinho: “He is so thick skinned and one track minded to win, he doesn’t accept it if he doesn’t see that in somebody.”

Asked about whether he can moderate his approach, the former Chelsea man added: “He can and he did it at Chelsea.

“He can do both. With Joe [Cole] he was really strong. I remember him subbing Joe and Wright-Phillips around 25 minutes into a game. It was harsh.

“But at other times he would put his arm around Joe, speak well about him in the press and give him a boost. So he can do both.”