Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen is preparing himself for a huge test against Manchester City today.

The 21-year-old Dane, highly thought of at Stamford Bridge, is poised to return to the starting line up for the arrival of Manchester City with David Luiz suspended.

Christensen has been likened to City defender John Stones and says: “It could be a fair comparison (with John Stones). The manager wants everyone to take responsibility on the ball and that means stepping out from the back, then that’s what we will do.

“I’m happy because at the youth team we did that as well.

“At youth level, you have to play no matter what situation you are in and I think that helps a lot of the young players when they have to step up.

“I was in digs until I went to Germany. That was my first time staying alone and I got my girlfriend over, so I grew up a bit. I was on my own, I had to wash my own clothes and look after myself. It was a life experience.”