Premier League boss Richard Scudamore has embarked on a week of lobbying in a bid to heal a split between clubs over the distribution of the next round of multi-billion pound overseas TV rights, reports BBC Sport.

It comes ahead of a meeting of all 20 clubs next Wednesday in London.

Under pressure from the six richest clubs, the chairman has proposed ending the equal sharing of international broadcasting income.

The £3bn overseas deal for 2016-19 generates £39m a year for each club.

Scudamore presented his plan – which would see 35% of the revenue divided according to league position – to the other 14 clubs on Wednesday, but it has been met with resistance.

With new contracts for some international markets for 2019-22 already done and showing significant increases in value, the so-called ‘Big Six’ – Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea – want their greater global popularity reflected.

However, with the approval of 14 clubs needed to make such a change to the system (the first since 1992), Scudamore has his work cut out to broker agreement by next week.

The league is keen to reach a compromise before going into domestic rights negotiations, where worries over what the ‘Big Six’ could do next – if they are blocked – could create uncertainty.