Chelsea ace Cesc Fabregas has revealed club owner Roman Abramovich remains as committed as ever.

Speaking with Marca, Cesc confirmed reports of Abramovich spending time with the players during the first difficult weeks of last season.

“Abramovich is a person who loves this club a lot, he has given everything,” revealed Cesc.

“Many people thought he was arriving and then leaving for years. He participates a lot in everything. When last season he doubted everything, he spent a week with us in the sports centre. He is a super normal person.

“We respect him a lot.”

In terms of the Spain national team, Cesc insists he still hopes for a recall.

“The national team is never closed. There are examples of that like Aduriz as at 35 years played in the Euros, now there’s Villa. It is a pride to be able to play again with the team. You have to do well in your club and then wait.”