In an age where social media rules supreme, Instagram has emerged as the best (and probably easiest) platform for footballers to showcase their lives and increase their respective brands. 

So, which Premier League footballers reach the biggest audience with their ‘unique’ combinations of ‘candid’ holiday and training snaps? Here is the definitive list: 

10. Alvaro Morata: 7.2m Followers (850 posts)

Leicester City v Chelsea - Premier League

To kick off the list, a young, good looking spaniard who used to play for Real Madrid (look out for a theme emerging).

Chelsea’s record signing seems to have adjusted well to life in the Premier League on the pitch, and judging by his raft of recent pictures with his new teammates, off it as well. 

Some think the powerful yet subtle forward can become one of the world’s best strikers, so don’t be surprised to see him climbing up the Instagram ladder as he progresses.

9. Sergio Agüero: 7.3m Followers (453 posts)


The Argentine striker has been among the Premier League’s best since he arrived in 2011, so his inclusion in this list is perhaps unsurprising. 

As you can see from the picture above, he’s clearly a man of the people, and a longtime fan’s favourite with his endearing combination of skill and determination. 

Perhaps we’ll see similar fan interaction like the above cropping up on his own ‘gram sometime soon. 

He’s also great mates with Rory McIlroy apparently…

8. David de Gea: 7.4m Followers (303 posts)

Liverpool v Manchester United - Premier League

Another young, good looking (err?) spaniard who used to play for Madrid (Atletico, mind you) and may yet still play for the Galacticos. 

De Gea’s Instagram following is undoubtedly a reflection of his stellar performances over the last few seasons. 

Whilst Spain’s Number 1 has definitely mastered the art of the passionate keeper fist pump, he can’t quite seem to tame his hair; his instagram chronicles this all too clearly. Even so, a good effort from David to crack the top 10.

7. Cesc Fabregas: 9.3m Followers (572 posts)


Having played for three of the biggest clubs in the world, you’re bound to pick up some admirers, specifically 9.3m if you’re Cesc Fabregas. 

Whilst social media hasn’t always been kind to Cesc, the slick passer seems to have found a safe place in Instagram to present his life beyond the pitch. 

The fact that it occasionally includes advertising gems like this is a win for everyone.

6. Eden Hazard: 10.3m Followers (261 posts)

Chelsea Training & Press Conference

The quick-footed Belgian has long been one of the most marketable young athletes in world football. As a result of this, most of his Instagram content revolves around his role as a posterboy for FIFA and Nike

Even with all that gruelling promotion, he still has time to support some of his lesser known friends who yearn for the kind of following Hazard has built (and a place on this list).

5. Wayne Rooney: 11.5m Followers (595 posts)

Manchester United v Everton - Premier League

If being the Man United and England record goalscorer wasn’t enough, Wazza has now cracked the top five on our list. 

Wayne’s Instagram principally shows him to be a quiet family man off the pitch (which may not be so true given recent events in the news), and a passionate club man on it; essentially ticking all the relevant marketing boxes. 

But he can still occasionally summon his signature cheek when it’s necessary. Not many pictures of cars though…

4. Mesut Özil: 14m Followers (945 posts)

Clearly gutted to have missed the Top 3..

Often maligned, and as he would say misunderstood, Instagram offers Özil the chance to put to bed the myth and show us the man. 

So, with all that power, what does he use it for you ask? Well mainly selfies in sportscars and calling out critics.

But we can’t pick on him too much, judging by the picture above he’s not impressed with missing out on the top three.

3. David Luiz: 17.1m Followers (1686 posts)

Chelsea v Everton - Premier League

The irreverent Brazilian’s third place entry on this list may be a surprise to some, but not for the true geezers. 

It goes to show funny hair and a bit of charisma can go a long way in football these days. 

The perpetual fan favourite, Luiz never shies away from the extravagant; on and off the pitch, with varying results. Frankly, football’s better for it. 

2. Paul Pogba: 17.9m Followers (579 posts)


Paul Pogba is the epitome of the modern footballer, and while for some that equates to ‘cheap gimmicks and marketing tricks,’ it’s clearly worked. 

Pogba’s Instagram is a flurry of stylish millennial-centred video content & hangouts with NBA stars; American marketing gold. In essence, Garth, if you don’t get it – it’s not for you, its for the culture.

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 27.7m Followers (373 Posts)

Ajax v Manchester United - UEFA Europa League Final

Forever in a league of his own, it is of course Zlatan who takes the Premier League Instagram Crown. 

As we all know, ‘Lions don’t compare themselves to humans’ (eh?), so perhaps it is futile for the other nine budding ‘grammers in this list to even attempt to topple the big Swede. 

And, with the third lowest amount of posts on the list, he certainly proves the age old adage that quality is better than quantity (unless we’re talking about followers, of course).