Arsenal legend Thierry Henry insists the current team can win the title this season.

Ahead of today’s clash at Chelsea, Henry wrote for The Sun: “This Arsenal team has the talent to compete for the title. But do they have the belief?

“They need to convince themselves that they can bounce back from adversity — and the team in front of them this weekend are a prime example of how to do it. Over to you Arsenal.

“Key to their hopes on Sunday will be Alexis Sanchez. There will be plenty of eyes on the Chilean as he tries to fit back into the Arsenal team.

“Look, we all know he wanted to leave — but we have to forget all that now.

“It was unfortunate that he got booed against Bournemouth last weekend. It is time to move on.

“If he feels unwanted or unloved at the club it will be difficult for him to perform — he is a human being.

Arsenal don’t have anyone like him. He is a special talent.

“It is best if everyone moves forward together. Be with him and hope he’ll be professional enough to give his all.

“And I believe that he will.”