Chelsea boss Antonio Conte says he’s never felt his job under threat.

Conte says he was never worried about being sacked when, a year ago, he watched his Chelsea side disintegrate 3-0 to a rampant Arsenal team.

He said: “I remember that game very well because it was a really bad game for us. Then we changed our system because after that game I understood very well our team.

“We had no balance. In that game they dominated us from the start until the end. I think this wasn’t the right way for us. But I think after that game we changed a lot of things and then we won the league.

“I remember during the press conference after the game the question about this betting company (which offered odds on his sacking).

“Our job is this. We must be prepared to face this type of situation. We must live with this type of pressure. But I wasn’t worried because I trust in my work. I trust myself and my idea, in my methods. For sure I don’t change my mentality.”