Chelsea coach Antonio Conte may be forced to stay silent on the touchline against Arsenal on Sunday due to a sore throat.

Conte is renowned for being one of the most animated managers in the Premier League while a game is on and constantly screams instructions at his players.

But the Italian has fallen ill after catching an infection from the air conditioning on the team bus and may be forced to take a different approach.

He explained: “I hope to solve this situation. From yesterday, I took antibiotics, also today and tomorrow, I hope to solve the situation, otherwise… it will be a problem for me.

“In my office when I arrive, I turn off the air conditioning. But when you stay on the bus, I risk a lot, because I suffer with the air conditioning.”

Conte revealed last year that he was importing his favourite Italian cough sweets, Ambrosoli al Miele, into the country because he was shouting himself hoarse in matches and training.

When asked if his ailment was caused by running out of the trusted medicine, the former Juventus midfielder replied light heartedly: “No. In this case, I think the air conditioner was stronger than my sweets!”

Given the intensity of Conte’s antics during matches, some players might be looking forward to the prospect of having an afternoon off against the Gunners, but Conte jokingly warned: “I prefer to recover!”