Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has urged Romelu Lukaku to study the game of Chelsea icon Didier Drogba.

He is currently the most prolific striker in the Premier League, but Ferdinand believes he needs to do more than just score goals for his club.

Speaking about how the Belgium international can improve and become a Manchester United legend, Ferdinand told BT Sports: “A player we were looking at before is Didier Drogba, and he’s a player he [Lukaku] should be looking up to maybe.

“And looking at certain things from his game, to add to it. And a particular part of it, when we were looking at Lukaku, he scores a lot of goals.

“You would hear Drogba’s goal record and it wouldn’t blow you away in terms of numbers. But he scored important goals. Big goals in big games.

“Cup finals and league deciders, and this is what this guy has got to do, this is where he’ll become loved, this is where he’ll become folklore if he does that for Manchester United.”