Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino seems to think that he knows why Premier League clubs have failed to perform in Europe in the recent years.

The Argentine manager thinks that unlike the clubs from other countries, English clubs give more importance to domestic football than the continental football.

“The Premier League is the principal competition for every player that plays in the Premier League,” he said.

“The feeling in Italy is that the Champions League is the most important competition in the world, but in English culture the Premier League is the most important. And the FA Cup.

“The Champions League and Europa League are important but not on the same level. That is so difficult to explain outside – only when you are here can you realise the Premier League is massive for every single club, and the players too.

“In Spain or Italy they prioritise the Champions League rather than the domestic league. And the teams at another [lower] level prioritise the Europa League rather than the domestic league. That is massive.

“And you can understand it because the Premier League is the most tough, impressive and exciting league in the world.”