Chelsea midfielder Danny Drinkwater has ‘returned’ to Leicester City to pay tribute to the club and fans.

Drinkwater spoke to the Leicester website days after joining Chelsea.

“It’s been a great five years in my life,” he told “Leicester gave me that and a lot more. I’ll always be grateful to the owners, the fans, my teammates and all the staff that have come and gone over the last five years.

“To achieve what we did together was unbelievable. It’ll stay with me forever. It wasn’t always a smooth ride for me either, I had some ups and downs early on, but people stuck by me and I’ll never forget that.

“It was hard decision to leave, but it felt like the time was right. When you get a taste for what we achieved together, it’s addictive, you want to experience it as much as you can and this felt like my chance to chase that.

“You don’t know when an opportunity like that might come along again, so for me I had to take it.”