Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger stood by criticising the fans after lifting the FA Cup.

Wenger went into the final having lambasted those who had attacked him this season.

He said after victory over Chelsea: “I am in a public job and I accept criticism and that people don’t agree with me. Once the game starts and you’re a fan, you stand behind the team. That’s what I did not accept during the season and that I have never accepted.

“I think this club has special values and we have shown that again today. All the rest is, for me, not acceptable. After the game, I accept that I’ve never had a word with any journalist in 20 years when they’ve criticised my opinions or my decisions. It’s the same with the fans. I can understand that. When the game starts, the game starts. When you’re a fan, you support your team. We played some games in a very hostile environment and I will never accept that.

“If you have followed our last two months, we have had outstanding performances. This team is moving forward, is united and the way that we play suits our players. The way we function gets the best out of the individual qualities of the players.

“We adapt but I said last week that this team has exceptional potential. If the club buys the right one or two players to strengthen, they will have a word to say next season.”