Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was furious over the manner of their FA Cup final defeat to Arsenal.

Alexis Sanchez struck early but only after Aaron Ramsey appeared to have interfered with play while standing in an offside position just 10 yards out.

Courtois was adamant Ramsey scrambled his decision-making. Anthony Taylor‘s linesman had initially flagged the midfielder offside before reversing the decision.

“You should already be blind to not see that because I think him [Ramsey] standing there makes me stop,” Courtois said.

“If he’s not standing there then the ball from Alexis that goes there — I will be there before Alexis to collect it.

“The referees come to Cobham every summer to speak about the new rules and we had two clear examples of things that are normally disallowed.

“The linesman saw he obstructed the play. I could see the ball clearly but him standing there made me stop. I know it’s offside. I don’t think the rule says it isn’t. It’s clear to see it obstructs me.”