Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino insists it was he – not Chelsea‘s Antonio Conte – who brought the three-man defence to the Premier League.

Pochettino, whose Tottenham side sit second in the table, insists he has been using it over the past two seasons thanks to the versatility of Eric Dier.

“People say now Chelsea changed the system. No, we played always the three in possession,” said Pochettino.

“In the summer [2015], we were looking for a midfielder and we had plenty of options but I decided to play him in midfield. I created a system that he felt comfortable in.

“[Dier] played as a midfielder without the ball, with the ball he was a third centre back.

“You can see in possession he dropped in between the centre-backs, or between the full back and the centre back. Always we play with three [centre-backs].”