Former Manchester United star Owen Hargreaves believes the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Chelsea would love to have Paul Pogba despite his underwhelming performances for United this season.

The Frenchman has failed to justify his £89million price tag following his summer move from Juventus, but Hargreaves is confident that he is going to be a superstar for United in the future.

“People are judging the price tag, people are judging the haircuts and all these flash other things,” Hargreaves told BT Sport.

“But if you look at his stats this is what you’ll get. This is his body of work over the past few seasons. 10 goals and ten assists that’s him. They pay that money for him.

“He’s going to have to step that up a little bit because his price tag is so high people expect more from him.

“I think he’s played well but people are judging and the price tag [means] they expect more.

“Can he do more? No question.

“To call him a problem is ridiculous.

“At Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane would love to have him. Barcelona would love to have him in midfield. Antonio Conte would love to have him at Chelsea. Pep Guardiala would love to have him.

“He’s not a £90m problem. He’s a £90m gift for this team and they’ve got to build around him and get the balance around him and I think he’s going to be superstar, no question.”