Chelsea chief Eddie Newton has defended the club’s loan system.

The Blues have 38 players out on loan and the club continue to come under heavy criticism for rarely giving young talent a chance.

But Newton, who is in charge of loan players’ welfare, said: “What people don’t see is the due care and process we put into our players.

“I oversee the programme and I’ve got two coaches, plus four analysts, medical staff and a conditioner for all of the loan players.

“We run it seamlessly considering there’s 38 players — everyone gets seen and everyone gets analysis and feedback on their games.

“So you can slander our loan process as much as you want but some of our loan players who are in Germany and Spain are getting looked after better than some clubs who are supposed to look after the players that are right in front of them. I’m very proud of it.

“Sometimes it’s frustrating for the players because everyone wants to play in the first team but only 11 players can get in there. But the loan system is a tool for us to develop players in a senior league instead of playing U-21s football. Every player is different — some will produce quickly but others take time.”