Manchester City star Kevin de Bruyne has revisited his battles at Chelsea.

De Bruyne, speaking with France Football, says he never understood why he wasn’t given a chance at Stamford Bridge.

He declared: “It’s like that in football, not just for me. When a club pays €50m for a player, given the pressure, he is obliged to let him play. I had only cost €8m. It’s a lot of money for you, for me, but in football, it’s nothing! Especially in England.

“At one point, I was a bit frustrated, especially when they told me nothing. I did not even know why I was not playing. But in the end, Chelsea, it was still a good choice, although I did not play for six months. Over there, I’ve known people who have become friends, that’s also important. And then, it served me when I came back to the Premier League with City.

“I already knew the championship, the media, the mentalities … Not ready for Chelsea when I arrived? Maybe less. I was only nineteen. It was another life, another country. But it’s not that bad. After all, it only lasted six months. Six months without playing in a career, it’s not much.”