Chelsea boss Antonio Conte is unhappy with Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson.

When he was told that Sir Alex Ferguson reckons there are five clubs chasing the Premier League crown this season, and that Chelsea aren’t among them, the look of surprise on his face told its own story.

Chelsea not in the five?” said Conte, who checked with his Italian translator to make sure he had not misunderstood.

“Well, I have great respect for Ferguson, and I think he was a fantastic manager, a great manager, one of the best in the world,” continued Conte.

“I know him and I respect a lot what he said — but I know that we are working very well.

“I think we are now in a good way to improve a lot, and to become a team that can stay until the end — and to get something, to get something.

“I am very happy with the work we are doing. And I’m sure that if we continue to work this way we can have good satisfaction for our work.”