The reaction of Marco Verratti to being hooked against Olympique Marseille on Monday night has sparked huge controversy this week in France.

The PSG midfielder’s blow-up has since seen him linked with Juventus, Inter Milan, Chelsea and Arsenal.

Here’s what just a few of French football’s big name pundits have said of Verratti this week:

CHRISTOPHE DUGARRY (World Cup winner): “His behavior is unacceptable. It is selfish and he is not able to judge his own performance. He should look in the mirror and understand what he is doing.”

UNAI EMERY (PSG coach): “Managing Verratti’s playing time? I’m happy with Marco. His qualities are important for the team. He is better physically than a month ago. He started later this summer. I think it’s a good time to improve, to give him more time in the next matches.”

KARIM NEDJARI (RMC pundit):Marco Verratti unleashed his anger in front of the cameras and microphones of Canal Plus. The little Italian, with enormous talent, cannot stand to be replaced? It is normal that he has acted like a spoiled child – because he is!

“His contract is extended every six months, and still he demands a raise. Yet for six months, he’s accumulated injuries. However, his personal statistics (assists, goals) show little progress. Regardless of his performance, he enjoys impunity and an incredible leniency on the part of the club’s leaders and fans.”

DONATI DI CAMPLI (Agent): “Nothing serious, just a bad discussion between Emery and the club doctor about Verratti. As a precaution, the doctor suggested his replacement. Marco on the contrary, felt he could continue and there was this misunderstanding. A departure is not possible.”

DANIEL RIOLO (RMC pundit): “Verratti with that mouth, he should shut it because he is not good. He is not an ever-present starter because there is no-one like that except Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

“When Verratti is out, the team plays better. Blaise Matuidi is three times less technical than him, if not 10 times less, except that he has more heart.”

THIAGO MOTTA (PSG teammate): “The reaction of Marco has nothing to do against Emery or anyone else. It’s just the frustration of being subbed. When you leave the field and when we do not win, you cannot be happy. It’s true that we can avoid this kind of image. But the relationship with the coach is very good.”

BERNARD CASONI (ex-Marseille coach): “Emery had to judge that he did not bring enough. There is a lot of competition in Paris and there are some who will be inevitably disgruntled. It does not reduce the Verratti problem.”

DANIEL RIOLO (RMC pundit – again): “Verratti has forgotten humility. And despite all his talent, he should look in the mirror and make a small assessment of what he actually does for PSG. Being the “little brother of Ibra’ is not enough to become a star!”

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