Frank Lampard expects Antonio Conte’s disciplinarian style to soon rub off on Chelsea.

The former Blues star still believes the Italian is the perfect man to kick things back into gear at Stamford Bridge following a drop-off in results and form since winning the 2014/15 Premier League title.

New York City FC midfielder Lampard has spoken with Chelsea skipper John Terry about Conte and it is apparent that his organisation and discipline are now beginning to kick in.

Of the former Juventus and Italy boss, Lampard told the BBC’s Premier League Show: “I’m waiting for the Conte-era to really kick in.

“I was excited as a Chelsea man when he came in, I thought they needed the discipline and a different angle from last year.

“I think people were relaxed, I think they won the league, and they relaxed. The minute you relax in football, you turn the switch off, you can’t turn it straight on again.

“That’s why I quite like Conte, he’s known as a disciplinarian, he’s working them hard in training – I speak to players there, John and a few of the other lads there, and he’s trying to organise them, working them hard on the pitch.”