Chelsea boss Antonio Conte says he won’t change his touchline antics.

Conte was accused of “humiliating” Jose Mourinho by urging Blues supporters to show more passion during Manchester United‘s 4-0 thrashing at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Asked whether he would be more subdued tonight in the EFL Cup against West Ham, Conte, said: “My way of living the game is always the same. I like to play the game with my players.

“Other coaches stay seated. For me it’s impossible. I live the game with great emotion and great passion. I am a passionate man but I always show respect for the opponent.

“My message to the fans is I always appreciated a lot the behaviour of our fans when we played away. In every single moment.

“They are always behind us. This is very important. I want this. Our fans if they want we can play with 12 players.

“I hope to see a good atmosphere. I know these two teams are big rivals but in England the atmosphere is fantastic during the match and I hope to see this.

“Sometimes I’d like to be a manager who stays seated. But it’s very difficult for me. I want to help my players. I stay there to support them.

“If we win or lose we are always together. I am exhausted at the end of every game.”