Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson has taken aim at Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho.

Lawrenson reckons Mourinho is feeing the pressure at Manchester United following the 4-0 defeat to Chelsea – and says his undoing is that he can never move on.

He told ‘You are the Ref’: “The thing about Jose is his team were well beaten and his team fell asleep in the first minute.

“He’s obviously had words with [Antonio] Conte as well and instead of shaking his hand and saying well played and getting out of the building he’s got to turn it all around.

“It’s to do with the pressure isn’t it, they got a really good result at Anfield on Monday night, deserved what they got.

“Jurgen Klopp said well done, it’s up to us to beat them and we couldn’t beat them we got a point and moved on.

“Jose can’t move on, can he? Remember when Petr Cech got injured playing for Chelsea at Reading, the NHS got it that night! For goodness sake, just move on and accept it. It’s football.”