Atletico Madrid legend Paulo Futre is delighted they managed to secure Yannick Carrasco to a new deal.

Writing in Marca, Futre admits he feared Atletico would lose the Belgian to a Premier League giant:

“Rumors that the large sharks were interested in the phenomenal Belgian started in August with the interest of Barcelona.

“At the end of September it was the turn of Chelsea, while the two teams from Manchester at the end of the month also called. Paris Saint-Germain was the latest addition in October. After his great start I doubted this was just rumors and he’d be a nice €40 million Christmas present for fans of one of these teams.

“Atlético director Miguel Ángel Gil, however, acted quickly. That was without doubt great news.

“Yannick has only gotten better since he came to Atlético in 2015. If he is not heavily injured, he will be within two years among the five best players in the world. And if Manchester United spent over €100 million for a midfielder like Paul Pogba, Carrasco would cost double.”