1) Vulnerable defence

Chelsea’s defence are still vulnerable to attacks with pace.

Real Madrid’s first goal came as they lost the ball and never recovered.

2) Striker needed

They need a strong man up front.

With Diego Costa again absent with a back strain they lacked any short of ability to held the ball.

Romelu Lukaku can’t come back quick enough.

3) Oscar continues to struggle

Brazilian Oscar is not suited to the deep lying midfield role.

Chelsea’s defence had almost no cover in midfield for the first disastrous 45 minutes.

4) Asmir Begovic no competition for Thibaut Courtois

Second string goalkeeper Asmir Begovic, chased by Bournemouth and Palace this summer, should have done a lot better with at least two of the goals.

5) Antonio Conte’s system needs work

Manager Antonio Conte’s favoured 4-2-4 system needs work.

Or at least a better two midfielders that were on show in the first 45 minutes in Michigan, and were outrun.

N’Golo Kante should help in that area.