Last week we had Chopper & Chivs with us live from our office and we got you, the fans, to send in questions for them! We have the top questions asked including best moments, transfer news and player opinions!

1 – Andy Carroll transfer rumours

What are your thoughts on the Andy Carroll transfer rumours?
We asked what Chopper & Chivs thought of the transfer rumour that Andy Carroll could move from West Ham United to Chelsea FC. We talk fitness, play style and how he could fit the team or is signing him a gamble?

2 – Best player in the current squad?

Who do you think is the best player in the current Chelsea squad?
We find out their opinions on who are the top rated players. Could it be star forward Eden Hazard or a new prospect such as Andreas Christensen?

3 – Favourite moment in a Chelsea shirt?

What is your favourite moment in a Chelsea shirt and why?
We discuss Chopper & Chivs favourite moments from their Chelsea careers and what stood out the most for them!

4 – Thoughts on Morata this season?

What are your thoughts on Morata’s gameplay this season?
We discuss Morata’s gameplay this season. Over the past few games he has missed opportunities and hasn’t played as well he did at the start of the season, is this just a “barren spell” or is he losing confidence?

5 – Ross Barkley signing

What do you think of the Ross Barkley signing?
With Ross Barkley being signed to Chelsea we talk about whether he is a good player for Chelsea and is it a steal for £15m in today’s market? We think so!

6 – Who should be signed?

Who do you think should be signed this transfer window?
We find out which position we should be looking for this transfer window. Should we be looking at a strong midfield or someone to take pressure off Alvaro Morata upfront?

7 – Most underrated player in the current squad?

Who do you think is the most underrated player in the current squad?
We ask the tough question to find out who is underrated in the current squad. Who could it be?

We’d love to know your thoughts on these questions! Did you agree with what Chopper & Chivs had to say? Comment below with your answers or get in touch with us on social media!

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