In this weeks Top Tips for buying sports memorabilia, we explain the importance of certificates of authenticity. 

When buying a memorabilia item, make sure that the seller provides a certificate of authenticity or some form of proof supplied alongside your item, this will normally be an image of the player signing your product.

A typical certificate will include the following information:

– Title of the product
– Product Code for future reference
– Description of the signing ( where available)
– Images of the product
– Images of the player signing the product (where available)
– Signature from a representative of the company/seller

Be very suspicious of sellers who do not provide either of these, if there is no photographic evidence or a certificate there is a high chance that you are purchasing fake goods. On the other hand do not just assume that since a seller provides these two pieces of information then they have to be legitimate.

An experienced forger will perhaps present both a certificate of authenticity and photos of the player signing a product, bare in mind that the image they are supplying may not belong to them! What better way to fake a signature than to offer a photograph of the player signing an original one with their forgery?!

At we avoid this is by covering all of our photographic evidence with a watermark to reassure our customers that our products are genuine and belong to us.

We advise that you, as the customer rely on your instinct as well as the proof. If you feel like you can trust the company/seller then you are probably right, but if you are not sure, either look further into their brand or ask the company about the provenance of each product which we have discussed previously in Part 1.

Yet again feel free to get in touch with us if you need any advice or have any concerns regarding some sports memorabilia you may have!

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