In recent years the sports memorabilia market has been flooded with cheap replicas and forgeries being sold online. New sellers from across the world are selling items in online auctions and their own websites claiming to be genuine signed sports memorabilia with no proof of their claims!

At ChelseaFan12, our memorabilia experts can easily spot these fakes, but sadly hundreds of forged items are sold to excited new collectors and as gifts every day.‘s simple tips across the next coming weeks will help you to avoid buying fake sports memorabilia and learn how to spot genuine, authentic memorabilia from trusted sources. We start off with one of the most important questions:

  1. Where do I buy genuine signed memorabilia from? 

    With sports memorabilia being an ever growing industry, you need to be sure that the dealers or auctions you are purchasing your items from are genuine, how do you know their genuine you might ask?

    There are many factors that can contribute to the authenticity of a product but ultimately the most important is provenence. Provenence is defined as the origin or source of which something comes from, this applies to only specific categories; antiques, art and memorabilia to name a few. When it comes to memorabilia products, you need to have excellent provenence to be able to sell the product, without it your item does not hold much value.

    At ChelseaFan12 we describe the provenence of a product as a story – Where did the item come from? When was the product signed? Where was the product signed? All these questions are key for memorabilia collectors and add trust between us and our customers!

    We take pride on our extensive connections and our stunning range of signed Chelsea memorabilia, normally obtained through signing sessions directly with the players! This guarantees that any product you buy from is 100% genuine and to support that all of our products come with a money back guarantee!

    If you have any questions around authenticity or are looking for advice/valuation on an item that may be lying around your house, feel free to get in touch using the contact form below:


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