• Chelsea Star Discusses the Humble Beginnings That Eventually Led to Premier League

    News Tue 11 Jul 2017

    ​Chelsea’s Victor Moses had a standout season last term as the Blues charged towards the Premier League trophy, however his development did not occur overnight and the 26-year-old has now shed light on his humble beginnings in south London. 

    Never managing to settle at a club early in his career saw Moses take his football skills to six different sides in ten years, and after his most consistent and undoubtedly best season of his career, Moses spoke to ​Chelsea’s website about where he honed his talent from an early age. 

    Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur - The Emirates FA Cup Semi-Final

    The 26-year-old’s journey to the top started in the parks of south London, which he credits as a key moment in his career, as he said: “When I was young, we played in Norbury Park. I grew up in areas like Croydon, Streatham, Brixton, all around there.

    “We used to have loads of people coming round the park to play football. I remember if someone used to do a stepover, we’d say, ‘Yeah, he’s Ronaldo!’ Then it would be, ‘It’s Ryan Giggs!’

    “It was stuff like that, it was always fun, it was like a competition: whoever showed the most skills said he was the best. Everyone used to really go hard to show they had the most ability.

    Moses – who made his most league appearances (34) in five seasons – went on to explain how he first took part in an organised league as a youngster.

    He added: “I got noticed playing in that same park. There was a club that was training there, Cosmos 90, and I think their manager must have seen me and he told me I was a good player once.

    “I asked if I could train with his team and he said, ‘Yeah.’ So I joined them, but I didn’t know anyone in that team. 

    [embedded content]

    “That was my first time going to train and play with a proper team because normally we were just playing among ourselves, with friends and other people who came around.

    “Cosmos were in the Tandridge League, which was a local competition, and that’s how I started. Palace scouted me from there and that’s how I ended up in the game.

    Following a season in which he is not likely to forget any time soon, Moses credited Antonio Conte for giving him confidence to express himself and leading the Blues to the title in his first season. 

    Chelsea v Hull City - Premier League

    “He [Conte] gave me the chance to express myself, starting from pre-season. That gave me confidence.

    “It was a great season for me personally and for the whole team, the fans, the manager and everyone at the club. 

    “We won the league and every single one of us was buzzing. I’ve never experienced anything like that feeling before,” he added. 


    Source: http://www.90min.com/posts/5253121-chelsea-star-discusses-the-humble-beginnings-that-eventually-led-to-premier-league?utm_source=RSS

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