• Free Willi! Flying Chelsea Winger Trades Land for Sea in Flyboarding Session Before Pre-Season

    News Fri 7 Jul 2017

    Chelsea’s ​Willian is usually seen flying up the wings at Stamford Bridge but the Brazilian has now traded land for water and air as he showed off his balancing skills whilst flyboarding in the West Indies island of St Barts. 

    The flying winger showcased his skills on his ​Instagram account and surprisingly the 28-year-old spent a respectable amount of time in the air…but was it his first or 100th attempt? You be the judge.

    Willian posted the video on his Instagram account, with the caption: “Enjoying the holidays! #flyboard #stbarth #specialplace.”

    The Brazilian’s tranquil surroundings have made the gloomy ‘summer’ in northern England seem like Antarctica in comparison, it’s a hard life. For Willian that is. 

    Although not looking entirely gracious whilst in the air with an arm like movement akin to the butterfly stoke, Willian did take the term ‘flying winger’ literally and we commend him for his efforts.

    His desire to improve his aerial ability ahead of next season is likely to above and beyond any other player’s efforts and it could go a long way in convincing Antonio Conte to give him more than 15 Premier League starts next season – if he stays at Stamford Bridge that is. 


    Source: http://www.90min.com/posts/5238571-free-willi-flying-chelsea-winger-trades-land-for-sea-in-flyboarding-session-before-pre-season?utm_source=RSS

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