• Former Blues Boss Gianluca Vialli Claims Conte's Simple Approach Is What Makes Him Successful

    News Wed 14 Jun 2017

    ​Former Chelsea manager Gianluca Vialli has hailed Antonio Conte’s tactical nous and believes his simplistic coaching style is what has made him successful. 

    Conte led the Blues to the title in his first season in English football as he also saw his team become the first to register 30 wins in a single Premier League season.

    Chelsea v Sunderland - Premier League

    Amongst many things, the Italian has received plenty of plaudits for his decision to switch Chelsea’s formation to 3-4-3 at the start of the campaign. 

    And now a former Juventus teammate has lavished praise on the 47-year-old for his tactical switch that then saw the Blues go on a remarkable 13-match winning run in the league. 

    Speaking to the Chelsea club ​website, Vialli said: “Antonio is the one, more than anybody else, who is capable of making a huge difference.

    “‘I think he’s done a great job.

    “Antonio made that tactical switch, which, in a way, regenerated the atmosphere. The players feel more confident, they play well and they play as they mean it – effective, entertaining and successful.”

    Chelsea v Watford - Premier League

    Despite appearing to have great tactical knowledge, Vialli went on to suggest that Conte’s biggest strength was actually his ability to simplify many things for his players.

    He added: “All managers have very good ideas and they are all knowledgeable – we study, we learn and we copy – and Antonio’s football philosophy is not particularly sophisticated, it is actually quite simple.

    The 2004 Dunhill Links Championship Round Two

    “But, for me, simplicity is genius. It’s simple, effective, it’s tailored to the players’ qualities and faults, and Antonio is like your teachers when you were going to school. 

    “One teacher is capable of making you feel involved and enthusiastic. It was contagious. In passing on his knowledge, Antonio is very contagious.

    “He has this great ability, that the great teachers and coaches have, that he knows what to tell you and how to tell you. His message is very clear, very simple and very direct.”

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    Source: http://www.90min.com/posts/5137162-former-blues-boss-gianluca-vialli-claims-conte-s-simple-approach-is-what-makes-him-successful?utm_source=RSS

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