• Outrageous TV Prize Money Stat Sees Everton & Saints Earn Same as Spanish Giants This Season

    News Sat 3 Jun 2017

    It comes as no surprise that the Premier League has the best TV deal in world football – especially when considering the huge sums paid by broadcasting companies to acquire the rights. 

    However, as noted by ​A​S, the latest figures show that English football’s top league is so far out in front that mid-table clubs like Everton and Southampton are earning more than Spanish heavyweights Real Madrid and Barcelona. 

    All 20 Premier League clubs received generous end-of-season payments, with champions Chelsea taking more than £150m. Second-place Tottenham received £145m, while third-place Manchester City generated £140m. 


    Overall, more than £2.3bn was paid out between all clubs. Compared with Spain’s Primera Liga, the Premier League is way out in front. Real Madrid and Barcelona, the winners and runners-up in last season’s Spanish league, received £131m and £125m respectively. 

    That sum is in the same ballpark as Everton and Southampton, who finished seventh and eighth last season. Even more surprisingly, La Liga makes less than half of what the Premier League does in broadcasting revenue. 

    While it’s a stretch to suggest that clubs like Everton and Southampton will soon be able to compete with Barca and Madrid for players, there is a definite concern from Spain’s biggest clubs. 

    Everton v Watford - Premier League

    Last season Manchester United pulled off a world-record deal for Paul Pogba and, at the time, Real Madrid were rumoured to be interested in the French midfielder’s services. 

    Madrid ultimately pulled out of any deal, suggesting that they were pursuing other targets. However, it has been suggested that they simply could not compete with the financial package the Red Devils offered Pogba.

    Source: http://www.90min.com/posts/5086072-outrageous-tv-prize-money-stat-sees-everton-saints-earn-same-as-spanish-giants-this-season?utm_source=RSS

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