• Frank Lampard Reveals Managerial Idol as Chelsea Legend Admits Desire to Enter Dugout

    News Tue 30 May 2017

    ​Frank Lampard has revealed that he is itching to become a football manager and admitted that Mauricio Pochettino’s example is one he would like to follow.

    The Chelsea legend spoke to The Times newspaper about his future in the game now that he has retired, and Lampard stated that he wanted to replicate the style of the Tottenham Hotspur boss as he began pursuing his own career in the dugout.

    Lampard has been working hard to gain his qualification badges with the Football Association ever since he hung up his boots after a short stint with New York City in February, and the 38-year-old revealed how he had been bitten by the managerial bug as his playing career begun to wind up.


    He said: “I want to manage. Most of my career I wasn’t sure but when I got into my thirties I became a lot more interested.

    “Much as I’m interested in coaching I’ve just as much interest in how to deal with people.

    “I see someone like [Mauricio] Pochettino and his relationship with players — like both a boss and a bit of a friend — and I love that.”

    With a lengthy 21-year playing career behind him, Lampard has played under some of football’s most decorated bosses since he made his first-team debut at West Ham United in January 1996.

    The ex-Manchester City star revealed who he considered to be some of the better coaches that he had worked with during that time, and also divulged which foreign manager he thought was more of a “dictator” than a gaffer in the hotseat.

    Chelsea v Manchester City - FA Youth Cup Final: Second Leg

    He said: “Carlo Ancelotti was the best man-manager I ever worked with. Harry Redknapp (Lampard’s uncle) was old school, yet he was bringing in Italian fitness coaches when nobody else was. You hear Alex Ferguson was the same — this old school face but behind was somebody taking his club forward with new ideas.

    “Fabio Capello was like a dictator. He would say You must not lose position. Check over your shoulder every two seconds.’ Retrospectively, I took a lot from him but at the time found it hard work.”

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