• Chelsea Legend Commends Conte for Handling of Temperamental Hazard & Respect He Afforded Terry

    News Mon 29 May 2017

    Former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has claimed that Eden Hazard started becoming ‘difficult’ in training this season, but Antonio Conte quickly whipped him into shape.

    Conte’s debut season in England has been extremely impressive; despite missing out on FA Cup glory, the Italian boss’ tactical prowess made a huge impact in his side’s season, and ultimately helped them reclaim the Premier League title.


    Other than being a masterful tactician, Conte is known as a strict disciplinarian; and Lampard, who is currently studying for his coaching badges, has said that this was shown through the treatment of Eden Hazard during the recently concluded season.

    ​”Antonio Conte took on a team in a bad place and there were a few individuals who had their worst seasons in Chelsea shirts and he fixed it,” said Lampard, talking to the BBC (via the Daily Mail).

    “Mid-season there were rumours that Eden Hazard was being a bit difficult on the training field but Conte dealt with it immediately.

    “He came down on it with an iron fist and then he put an arm around him and that has brought the best out in him.”

    [embedded content]

    The praise for Conte doesn’t stop there from Lampard either. The former England international also commended the Chelsea manager on the way he treated John Terry, who spent much of the final season of his Chelsea career watching from the sidelines.

    “With the older players, you just want honesty from the manager and that is what has happened with John Terry – he laid it on the line early with John and that has really helped with his season.”

    Conte now focuses on what is inevitably going to be a busy summer as he begins work to retain the league title.


    Source: http://www.90min.com/posts/5066573-chelsea-legend-commends-conte-for-handling-of-temperamental-hazard-respect-he-afforded-terry?utm_source=RSS

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