• Authenticity Guarantee

    Certificate of Authenticity

    Every Chelseafan12 signed product is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity, which guarantees that every Chelseafan12 signed item has been hand signed and obtained personally by us.

    The certificate features a short description of how the signature has been obtained. Each certificate states when the product has been signed, the location of the signing and the name of the player who has signed the item.

    To reassure all Chelsea FC fans that all of our memorabilia is 100% genuine, each Certificate includes a picture of the item you have purchased and, where available, a photo of the player hand signing the product.

    In certain instances (due to circumstances outside of our control) it is not always possible to photograph every product whilst signatures are obtained. In these circumstances we provide evidence of the player signing other products during the same signing session. At, we feel this shows authenticity of the item through association.

    Each Certificate has unique information; showing the title of the product and the product code for any future reference.

    Finally, every certificate is signed by a member of our ChelseaFan12 team, authorizing a full life-time, money-back guarantee of the provenance surrounding your very special purchase of Chelsea FC memorabilia.


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