Arsenal legend Ian Wright sees David Luiz as Chelsea‘s weak link ahead of today’s FA Cup final.

Wright thinks Danny Welbeck could cause real problems for the Brazilian centre-half if he starts.

Arsenal need pace to hurt Chelsea which is why I think Danny Welbeck should start up front,” Wright told BBC Sport.

“Wenger will probably go with Olivier Giroud, though, because he does like him in a big game.

“Welbeck would frighten David Luiz. He would be much happier dealing with Giroud because Welbeck can give him a problem aerially and stretch the whole defence with his running.

“Luiz is Chelsea‘s weakest link, if he can be isolated, which will not be easy because you have to get past N’Golo Kante and Nemanja Matic first.

Chelsea are very well organised so, to do that, Arsenal will have to break up play in midfield and spring quickly – and to do that effectively they need Welbeck, not Giroud, up top.

“Welbeck can also open up the pitch and give Sanchez and Ozil space. That is how I see Arsenal trying to get into Chelsea and their best hope of beating them.”