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I’m (not sorry), but can people stop referring to Liverpool as doing the league a favour by beating Chelsea tonight? How many teams would genuinely be affected should their lead at the top be cut? I’m saying, not including Liverpool, four at most. You wouldn’t refer to Man United as “doing the league a favour” should they beat Hull and keep them fansitedbusred in the relegation zone, so the opposite shouldn’t be true either.
Kevin, Nottingham

Praise for the Wolverhampton
Andy, WWFC don’t be so dismissive of all Liverpool fans. I actually congratulated Wolves in my published Monday mail (was completely useless with my FA Cup draw predictions mind!)

And I did so to a few Wolves fans walking away after the match, who then shook my hand and complimented me on my ‘good grace’. And they commented on the fact that our fans also applauded their players off the pitch (as we always do to lower league or European teams who win at Anfield).

Of course now you’ll probably say “same old scousers, now they are blowing their own trumpet”. But your comment required addressing. As to lots of our fans moaning about our shortcomings well that would happen with any team in a similar situation.
Mike Woolrich, LFC (I also wished the Wolves fans a deserved home draw in the next round, so let’s hope you use it and play as well again)

Andy WWFC, Birmingham was actually wrong because I do seem to recall Minty or similar laying praise upon Wolves for their performance.

However, seeing as he seems to think all LFC fans have heads inserted up anus (anii?) I would like to pass on my congratulations to Wolves for a fantastic performance on Saturday.

Just one thing though.

Why can’t they play like that in the Championship?
Mike Swords, LFC , Warrington. 

I’d just like to say well done Wolves and Paul Lambert in particular for getting his tactics spot on.

I’ve no doubt his pre match teamtalk was focused exclusively on getting a first minute goal from a soft free kick that was taken 10 metres further forward than the ‘ foul ‘ was actually committed and scored by one three players standing in an offside position.

Nailed it.

To be fair Wolves were very good and thoroughly deserved the win but as is standard most fans concentrate on their own team rather than focus on the opposition…unless bantz. Not entitlement or heads in arses. Just football.
Lindsay, Dublin.

You learn something new everyday!
Looking forward to the Liverpool v Chelsea game, can’t help but agree that it’s a must not lose for Liverpool, do so and January will be the month the wheels truly fell off, the month in which Jürgen wants his Winter break as well. Thanks also to the midweek watcher for introducing the less reserved of us to the bite-sized piece of knowledge that an ‘Amuse Bouche’ is indeed a bite-sized pre-meal appetizer, or horse douvre as Homer Simpson would call it.  I feel almost ready to entertain, especially as I recently discovered Apéritif is actually a pre-meal drink and not the French for dentures.

I’ve set the standard deliberately low there in the hope the match will be above expectations.
Chris ITFC, Liverpool

Sunderland scout meeting. Midday. Transfer deadline day.
Scout 1: Afternoon boss. We need a new striker as Defoe is more than likely heading to Chelsea.

Scout 2: We also need a centre half as Kone has just put in a transfer request.

Moyes: I knew this day would come. Which is why I’ve already put some plans in place.

Scout 1: Excellent David! So you’ve taken our advice and convinced the chairman to release £10 million for the 2 Ajax youngsters we discussed last month? I can have us on the next flight to Amsterdam.

Scout 2: Brilliant! We can get a train to Anderlecht while we’re there. They are willing to do a deal for young Sneijkenstein. He’s apparently the next Kompany. He’s just won the Belgian young player Of The Year award!

Moyes: Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen. Put away your passports. There’ll be no need to fly anywhere today. I’ve been making a few phone calls and have solved all our problems.

* Moyes stands up and opens the door. Sticks his head outside.

Moyes: Lads! Please come in.

*In walk James Beattie and Alan Stubbs.

Scout 1: Ah for fu…

Beattie: So what are the chances I’ll get a game this weekend boss?

Moyes: Pretty good. Per..ritty, per…ritty, per…ritty, per…ritty good.
Rob Melia

Where’s Bravo?
I read it through thinking ‘Claudio Bravo is going to be next, no they must have made him number 2, no number 1…what!?’

C’mon he has been pants. This is a goalkeeper that has played in two world cups and been named in the La Liga team of the season. The only reason Karius has taken more flak is because he actually gets a hand to things before letting them in.
Leo, Birmingham

Sissoko should be a best buy of the season
Sissoko has started 6 Premier League games, including Southampton away and vs. Manchester City. Spurs have gained 16 points in those 6 games. He wasn’t instrumental in those wins, but you can hardly say he was a disaster for the team. He also has 3 assist, which is not bad for a bit part player.

Sissoko has not been even close to the second worst signing of the season. While Sissoko has definitely been a disappointment for his price, he has been a perfectly valid option, unlike others on the list, who have actively cost their teams points..

Also, the news coming out of the club is that he has really bought into Pochettino’s methods lately, so he is bound to be less disappointing in the future.
Ben, Spurs

I have just been enjoying your article on top 10 worst buys with my morning coffee, and as a Spurs fan I thought I would comment on a certain Moussa Sissoko. Whilst on the one hand his inclusion on your list is entirely valid (during the Spurs-Wycombe game, someone on twitter observed that even with Ade Akinfenwa playing, the heaviest thing on the pitch was Moussa Sissoko’s first touch), I personally think he was a terrific signing.

Why? It’s not so much the way he has played (unequivocally bobbins) – rather what he represents. From what I gather it was Mauricio Pochettino who wanted Sissoko, not Daniel Levy. Now anyone who knows anything about Mr Levy knows that he doesn’t take kindly to being held to ransom over transfer targets – especially when it’s a record signing so late on deadline day that Jim White is in his pipe and slippers. Yet this time it was different; Levy fully backed his manager. Perhaps he learned from the Moutinho fiasco, or perhaps he came to the conclusion that keeping ‘Pottachino’ (TM Jermaine Jenas) sweet is by far the best bit of business he can do in the long term.

Either way I’m delighted that he did so, even though he now has a £30m turkey on his hands.

More money, more bothered!
The last time 2 top-4 teams were in the final of the FA Cup was exactly 10 seasons ago! I think the fact that so many clubs rotated for the FA cup just shows the disparity in the prize money between the Cup competitions and the Leagues. 10-15 years ago teams would have played the best 11 for the cup and rotated players in the league fixture. The commercial pressure of the premier league twists managers arms into compromising the cup competitions. There is a complete lack of respect for the FA cup now from the FA, managers and clubs and even some fans. PL side Liverpool made nine changes and lost to a Championship side Wolves who made 7 changes themselves. I do not think that team selection was the issue here. I think it was more the attitude and approach towards the competition by Liverpool. Arsenal, Man City, Man U, Spurs (just about) all heavily rotated but did everything required to win the game.

As an arsenal fan I love the FA cup because Wenger loves the FA Cup and Arsenal tend to take it serious regardless of the opponent or timing of the fixture. AFC has won it 6 times under Wenger so I am naturally going to love the cup. However Wenger does not respect the league cup in the same way. Take nothing away from Sheffield Wednesday but how can AFC lose 3 0 to them (with a lot of first team players) after beating a peaking Bayern Munich 2-0, 7 days earlier. Wenger is not overly bothered about this competition and therefore most Arsenal fans are not too bothered about losing in the league Cup (Birmingham City aside).

The only way to reinvigorate the domestic cups is by increasing the prize money! As sad as that is to say this is the only way clubs will take it seriously. The FA to increase the motivation for clubs to compete. With the new pathetic naming rights this should not be too difficult!
A reasonably satisfied gooner!

More Football Nightmares
After reading Chris from Stourbridge’s email this morning about Nick Hancock’s Football Nightmares and the ‘He’s clear… he’s clear… he’s clearly a tw*t’ reminder made me chuckle, I have good memories of watching that VHS when I bought it from a car boot sale back in 2000 when I was 7, but it got me thinking what is everyone else’s favourite football DVD/VHS? I think David Seaman’s Goalkeeping Nightmares has to be up there.
Mike Clewer, CFC